Track Scales

8760 Above Ground Track Scales Thurman's 8760 Series is a low profile steel deck railroad track scale designed for strength, durability and years of reliable performance. It features a modular steel deck weighbridge that makes it rugged and dependable. Easy to install with self-restoring suspension, it can be mounted either above the ground or in a shallow pit.

8710 Pit-Type Railroad Track & Truck Scales Thurman's 8710 Series is an electronic, pit-type railroad track scale designed for weighing the heaviest of loads whether it's a railcar or a truck. It features a reinforced concrete deck which allows both railcars and trucks to be weighed on the same scale. It's easy to install and offers a high performance suspension.

Traffic Signals Thurman Scales Traffic Light accessories can be configured for one- or two-way traffic. These lights provide highly visible, incandescent light projection. The enclosures are an exceptional grade die cast from aluminum alloy which includes a corrosion resistant finish and are designed for quick and easy pole mounting. Thurman Traffic Signals are designed for low maintenance and increased durability. All exterior surfaces of the housing, door, visors and back plates are cleaned and powder coated to the highest industry standards providing exceptional resistance to impact and weather.
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